Halloweenie Time!

by angeliska on November 7, 2006

A very belated yet happy Halloween to you all..
Something strange and dark is happening in space,
the waning once-full moon floating like a house,
stars crossed and hanging in the heavens
by frayed and tangling ropes.
Monsters lurking in the corners,
or peeping out from sinkholes.
Bloodbubbles and everything
I try to write tonight comes out kinked and clubfooted.
Perhaps I’ll just show you pictures instead..

Here’s some slimy zombie-girl kisses on your gore-encrusted faces!

I will tickle your cheek with my wee little Frida moustache
(though it had mostly rubbed off by the time this photo was taken
because of all the cheeks that had been previously tickled..)

Beware- spontaneous aortal aneurysms can be caused by
an overdose of acute cuteness from looking at this pint-sized mohican.

This is the lemur that licked my face. It recognized me as one of its
own kind- attempting to jump onto my shoulder and grabbing my head
in both its fuzzy little tree-froggy hands and kissing me excitedly!
My heart exploded into a zillion little bits right then and there.

Um. That man has a lemur in his shirt-
see its little furry head poking out from the hairy bosom
to say hello to me! Hilarious.
By the way- lemurs are not meant to be pets.
Unless you’re me, maybe.

I dressed as a little kookla to go see Beirut and A Hawk and A Handsaw..
It makes me happy to see people dancing and responding to this kind of music-
wherever it is played and whomever chooses to play it.
Trumpets and violins have magical powers in the right hands.

Darling Francesca and Mister Jason F. Austin the fearsome Viking..
Two of my most favorite people, who have incredible smiles
and the amazing capacity to smile brilliantly whilst walking through fire..

That skull had a tongue in it, and could sing once:
how the knave jowls it to the ground, as if it were
Cain’s jaw-bone, that did the first murder! It
might be the pate of a politician, which this ass
now o’er-reaches; one that would circumvent God,
might it not?

Mlle. B. Sainte-Francis invited us over for another fantastic dinner party..
I love her wee elfin princess castle- it is the coziest, loveliest haven,
filled with dollies (most of whom carry weapons, knives- all sharpened).
She is an superb cook- lamb with Ethiopean spices and teff bread
and always an array of good wines and such.

I asked what I could bring-
she said only, “the moon on a string”
and since I forgotten the jar of olives,
these Chinese Lanterns,
had to suffice.

I want to be this goat girl, forever.

Rusty Jacknife apparently loves pumpkin, and mango as well-
or maybe anything edible at all, as he is a terrible glutton-piggers.

You are what you eat.

Totally ridiculous.

For Halloween proper, I was a FRUIT BAT!

Colin was a beautiful coppery owly-bird creature..

Violetta was a fox girl! Kitsune kawaii!

A black sharpie makes for excellent pointy teeth, if you’re on top of your game-
and I can do some pretty great things (if I do say so myself)
with toilet paper, liquid latex, a Death Wheel
(six popular shades execute the extreme effects of death.),
and rose jam + red food coloring (we were out of karo or fake blut)…
I long for the Master Bruise Kit
(design a multitude of realistic injuries with these six exceptional creme colors),
and the Trauma Simulation Wheel
(simulate fresh scrapes, wounds and injuries with three useful shades)!

General MacArthur and Mlle. B as “New Orleans 1912 – The Botched Abortion”

Our Gang– including the lovely Miss Patience as Awdrey Gore,
and Miss Hollybelle as Madame Reflection all in white,
and adorned in mirrors, orchids, doves, and silvery leaves..

I was accosted by this fancy fire-bug,
who made the most perfect use of uva fronds
by attaching them to a cornucopia stuck on her bee-hind
with many tinkling brass bells shaking ferociously!

Christmas and Hanukkah, so fantastic.

Mistress Stephanie und ihre Melodische Katze
are possibly my new favorite band,
and if you know what’s good for you,
they will be yours too.
Everything is really very amazing right now-
I have some wonderful news which I shall relate at a later date,
and honestly, I’ve never been happier- I was only disgruntled
for a moment because I couldn’t find things I was looking for
in the house (which is exceedingly messy and disarrayed)
namely the metal bathtub thingy so I can take a bath
and the Iva Bittova disc for Hazelka.
If anyone has seen either of these things,
please inform me.
Damn Mercury in retrograde!

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