A most unusual and rare relic from the goblin castle..

by angeliska on March 30, 2004

 We survived the ball, which seemed to be a smashing (meant quite literally) success- with relatively few mishaps..I didn’t sleep for a few days, and my bones feel like baseball bats attacked them- but it’s done now, and pictures and stories to follow soonly..

In the meantime, may I present an amusing distraction and possibly prophetic device swiped from the inimitable.

I must agree, it does make a remarkable amount of sense- possibly because this journal is somewhat surreal anyway.. Give it a whirl, and reap the randomess why don’t you?

Here are a handful of excerpts, beginning with my favorite:

The fancy of a boar-sow who sported large and quite intimidating tusks in her full finery and regalia.. OH, YES INDEED! A dear Oddfellow and Lovely Fellinissima.. “It [Mardi Gras] is a blasted furnace. Scars on his face (so unmasked when I hear through the mountains, spectacular and blue- covered with a fervent stirring somewhere. There was there a weathered soldat, there were tiger stripes white; here an opaque field, here an imaginary bar on Dauphine. In truth, they are fumbling for the address of an era, of us in this home this paradise- it has been located, actually quite a while ago I just have that effect on you.. And few things are sexier than an awkwardly beautiful (or is?)

Arms hacked off at the hotel in Padua, as card playing in public is against the law. Alrighty, then. We argued that we weren’t betting, but they threatened to call the police and fine us many euros, so we were at a tilt sea legs I have, however, a strange predilection for attracting the strangest synchronicities- maybe I’ve just gotten used to dream of wolves often, but it’s been a long time now.. This is how the world and enormous rose clouds of dust exploding upwards.. The horizon roars and rolls forward, an earth tsunami- I can see here is suitably terrifying: In these small towns, with our hotels situated so far away from its end-

Beauty when you’re smelling and being smushed by 200 other people.. I realize the above doesn’t make our time in Rome sound so smashing, but truly, aside from the Apocalypse, truly terrifying the dead rising out of the horses, nothing of the villagers in Thailand gored by female boars when urinating in the best goddamn cappuccino you could ever hope for..

It becomes difficult to restrain myself from the city where Mozart was buried as a Sphinx; and the train started rolling off to Bologna! After searching through seventeen train cars for the next axe to fall, the other day. It’s very surreal. I’m surrounded by halos of gilt fish scales and flowers.. Here you can smoke in banks, but not feasible for an interactive (rather than passive) social experiment. If you look closely, you can see that his tongue in its jeweled reliquary does indeed resemble a shrivelled cactus. The jaw casket, as you can see here is suitably terrifying: In these small towns

I follow her secret passages through deserted squares over the place, and I’ve been reading like mad- it’s lovely to have caught an irritating little cold. Likely it was all shrouded in white.. Mlle. Pandora in her heavily accented English, “You look vunderfull..” Tomorrow we go to Rome. Ravenna and Padova were a blur of subterranean crypts filled with the books and furniture and belongings scattered everywhichway.. I am still slightly displaced, diasporadic- left in a mad froth at old deeds, left undone. The Second – I am choking, shaking, suddenly deaf.. I don’t even want to vomit. The thought of packing up all of my internal organs. The laws of physics exact a slow torture- the smash, the reeling-

Large, slow-moving fish moving through the mountains, spectacular and blue- covered with enormous firs and weeping willows.. My goodness, but it has been ours for almost five years, but no more. No one will insure the building, which is a revival of Dada and Surrealist movements, our goals are to revive and expand on the floor in a heap of bedding and clothing, in the mud. Inside is fluxus and ramble.

 Men from Borneo, if they like. 3. Beware giving directions to seemingly harmless young men in burgundy sedans. They may have been too distracted to mention. It’s good, near and not too far..Up high the way to Kostnice in Sedlec before we go on to Wien..the bones will be satisfied somewhat. Hopefully those trailer trash neighbours won’t jigsaw every afternoon. Meanwhile, it’s true that selling off your discarded goods can be quite profitable, and even enjoyable on a dusty shelf and then let them pass..

Inspired by the Dada and Surrealist movements, our goals are to revive and expand on the cobblestones. yam yam yam. I likes me some good eatin’. The End. ps. Also, I saw a giant pig. Welcome to the nines, men in fancy suits, everyone in hats. 

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