Possible Pig

by angeliska on November 16, 2003

And now at last- through trials and terrors and perils untold we have made our way
from the goblin castle into the gingerbread galleon, the interior of which is
a labyrinthine cavern of boxes and upended furniture and belongings scattered everywhichway..
I am more exhausted than I can ever remember being,
and muscles I didn’t know I had are making their prescence known
in a most aggravating and vociferous manner.
Sleeping on the floor doesn’t really help worksore bones either-
Why did I give away our bed? Oh yes, one less thing to move..
This morning I walked out the front door of our new abode
and was surprised to see..
A giant sized pig snuffling around in the green shoots.
A big black and white bristly one, more of a boar-sow
who sported large and quite intimidating tusks in her toothsome grin!
She grunted at me, and I backed away, remembering the tales of
the villagers in Thailand gored by female boars when urinating in the bushes..
I had performed my own outdoor ablutions in the teak forests of Chiang Mai
with the only greatest trepidation..
I could only stand on the street laughing at this unlikely spectacle
until a neighbour came out her door and I pointed and we stood there
and laughed some at the giant pig together for awhile.
Then I walked around knocking on doors asking if anyone
had misplaced a giant pig.
Welcome to the neighbourhood! Oh yes, and I live up there-
Is that your pig, perchance?
Very odd, that.

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