by angeliska on February 28, 2003

another grey day
in which
i ran errands diligently,
good girl that i am.
i think i may have a second job in the bag-
waitressing at wasabi, a sushi restaurant.
which will mean more money and less time-
likely a good thing for me, in my current
emminently distractable state..
i need money so that i can escape the
boiling cinder-pit this city becomes in summer
and i have at least 3 locales on my list:
possibly venturing to the meditteranean with
my eighty-nine year old grandfather,
going to upstate new york for the wedding of the pocketmouse princess,
and roving oregon with miss violet,
to gather herbs and sleep in neptune’s cave..
would that i had time and money to do them all!
also today, the review of the dollshow came out-
it is 2 or 3 pages long, with nice photographs,
but i’m very vexed and irritated that the art critic
pointedly ignored my request to leave any and all references
to some sort of gothic subculture leanings out of the article..
he began the damn thing with ridiculous references to anne rice
and eyeliner and fucking ozzy osbourne, for pete’s sakes-
none of which had anything to do with the show in the least.
oh well. if you miss the point, you miss the point-
i just wish he didn’t have to mislead the rest of new orleans
into missing it as well. alas, what utter drivel!
oh, and-
my tooth just fell out.
a temporary crown, actually- but still,
it’s such a disturbing, incredibly wrong sensation-
to have this hole in my mouth with a weird little peg-
and no tooth, or even semblance of tooth.
it’s all the way in the back, so i don’t resemble a carny,
but i can’t keep myself from tonguing it every now and then
and giving myself the heebie-jeebies.
the fairytale ball for the mystick krewe of pussycats is this evening,
and i really should attend, but i truly do not feel like dressing up and debauching..
i feel like making tea and finishing my book,
and then starting on another one.
though, that’s what i was up to last night
rather than going to the krewe de poux bumper-car extravaganza..
i’m such an old lady these days..where’s my knitting?
it doesn’t feel like mardi gras in the slightest to me, yet.

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