holy day of whelping

by angeliska on January 11, 2003

now that i am older and wiser than i was the day before yesterday,
i can tell you about my birthday…
a wonderful, wonderful day it was indeed!
i woke late and lay abed, listening to the wind blowing, scattering prisms about the room..then took a luxurious birthday bath and delicious and regal repast made by miss violet- french toast with blueberry ginger tangerine compote and fancy tea and fruit tartelette and delicate egg and bula and the light coming in all golden and silver, reflecting off the wind-tossed trees, dancing on the shining leaves..
i was given the most amazing thing-
a box of cobra-lilies and sundews and venus flytraps,
carnivorous plants that i can lovingly tend,
and also a wind-up toy of two hairless pink rabbits rutting,
by my dear sweet mackling..
white edwardian kid gloves, pearl ring and la perla from my sweetheart, and more..
many, many wonderful books-
lady cottington’s pressed fairy album
cherry and the liar’s club, by mary karr
the sadeian woman, by angela carter (these from violetta)
los caprichos, goya (from my darling grampapa)
apocalypse culture II
the strange case of edward gorey, by alexander theroux
(for anyone who adores edward gorey, this slim biography is a must, written his friend and neighbour, mister a. theroux, who also wrote darconville’s cat)
we had woken too late to let the animals out of the zoo after all,
so instead we lazed around in the hazy windy winter light and purred and crooned..
as the sun set we stepped out to dinner, collecting flowers on the way-
delphinium blue and fuschia snapdragons, black calla lilies and night-scented stock..
dinner at begues was as always, the most incredible, orgasmic gastronomical experience
i could have ever hoped for..replete with a bevy of fine wines and champagne, escargots (in beautiful shells, i took them home) and lobster and scallops in curry sauce and lime sorbet in a glass flower, and creme brulee..in all the lovely places i’ve had the luck to dine in, this by far outdoes them..i love never looking at a menu, never knowing how ungodly expensive each dish is, never having to make a choice- and instead, having course after course of splendid, exquisite dishes brought before you as if by magic..the place was nearly empty, quiet and dim..light from the chandeliers reflecting off of mirror and stained glass, eerie paintings of deserted street scenes shimmering ominously from the shadows..i have the illustrious rickilane to thank for the pleasure of this experience, for if he were not the maitre d’, ragamuffins like myself would never be allowed in such a place!
we walked home deliriously happy, to find two pretty urchins peeking into the garden at something on the ground..a dying dove..we watched as it took its last breath, too late to save it- i went in to collect the still warm body and invited them to come to my birthday party..when i came in there were many smiling faces (who had all been waiting quite a long time, oh dear!) and j.k. and miss wren had brought a pinata shaped exactly like my cat! i couldn’t bear to bash his head in, so instead i was commanded to tear it open with my teeth..inside the paper kitty were all manner of treasure! candy and glitter and x-acto blades and korean fingerpuppets!
reve gave me his incredible painting of the lachrymose embryonic cherub, much to my delight and amazement, and the exquisite miss gifted me with handmade replacements for my shattered poison glasses, the thoughtful darling…
sweet miss angie came bearing gifts of vomit flavoured jelly beans and chocolate frogs, and the most lovely boudoir doll ever, the blue-tressed miss stellamara!
miss violet and kristin made me a devil’s food birthday cake encrusted in slivered almonds, strawberries and blueberries, which we have been eating for breakfast..
on top of all this, i have been told by a certain hunter in the sky that i have even more spoiling awaiting me! could it be? i’m certain i couldn’t possibly deserve all of this! and, i just remembered! i have not one, but two gift certicates for massages awaiting me..holy cow! i am so goddamn blessed, i’m not even sure what to do with myself. the next time you catch me complaining about ANYTHING, please refer me back to this entry. thank you to all who made my holy day of whelping so ecstatic, to all who wished me well, i kiss you all.
whelping cake
dead dove

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