by angeliska on November 22, 2002

my beloved sisterling is here at last, at last..and all is well..
all is well, at least, outside of my body..the inner workings, however, seem to be all mucked up and out of sorts. damn, damn this plague, this sickness that never seems to leave me alone for long! i really and truly don’t deserve to have my fragile system inundated with unwanted phlegm on any sort of regular basis! blast!
however, i didn’t let that keep me from attending a most fabulous dinner party hosted by the illustrious ..as frail and consumptive as i was feeling that evening, i knew i would be kicking myself for weeks for missing such an event- and i am very glad i managed to drag myself off of the sofa and out of my pajamas and into the dark night to le chateau bimbeaux for the soiree. though, i must say- i am paying for it in spades today..the hacking has increased considerably in volume and productivity, let’s say…
-ah, how charming.. i did have a lovely time- wonderful people and conversation- and warm mulled wine and delicious edibles- although sadly, i was swooning and overtaken by waves of dreaded nausea as soon as the first course was served (cappelli di angelo, my favorite..and why didn’t i think to bring my smelling salts? damn..) nothing could be more damaging to any refined social gathering than tossing up one’s proverbial cookies,
or *gasp!* fainting- at least not in mixed company..and while i refrained from such abhorrent social faux pas, i still managed to accidentally shatter the cut crystal goblet le
had hand-engraved with my monogram that very afternoon! what a horrid, wretched, naughty girl i am,
i do so shame myself! i ought to be lashed, really.
instead, i’ve been trying my hand at cut-crystal etching all afternoon,
in between the nose-blowing and lace-tatting.
actually, that’s all lies (except for the nose-blowing part, that much is true..)
the truth is far more mundane, and far less industrious..
we went grocery shopping for overpriced orgainc comestibles,
and then picnicked in city park, where we were besieged
by hordes of bloodthirsty mosquitos along the waterfront,
and forced to retreat to yonder dismal concrete bench-
replete with a cast-off maxi pad to entice our appetites..
i should have taken a picture. it was terrible.
i mean, really! who just throws their used, water-logged sanitary napkins on the ground in public parks? on second thought- please don’t answer me that one. i don’t want to know.
to put end this loquacious ramble through the last 24 hours or so, i shall wave the scarlet banners that herald the return of chivalry! i really am a sucker for gentlemanly behaiviour.
prick up yer ears, boys- ya just might learn something..manners and politeness towards a lady wins you points. it’s lovely when menfolk in this day and age treat a lady with decorum and attention to detail- and it’s the small things that do it- lighting a cigarette, for instance..or holding a door..it’s not an implication that we couldn’t do it for ourselves- it’s just a nice thing to do, and well- we deserve it, dammit.
but i really do try to be chivalrous and gentlemanly too.
anyhow, (and sorry if i ruin your reputation,
..) but, i was given a lift home last night by the above-mentioned erstwhile gentleman, and was most appreciative of those little things- opening a lady’s car-door, and waiting as she grapples on the doorstep for her keys to make sure she gets in safe and sound, instead of just taking off- perhaps just common sense things for one to do,
but sadly, so rare in this modern world..
enough babbling, i’m off to watch depressing films about beautiful dead women.

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