by angeliska on November 15, 2002

meow meow meow
a lovely anniversary was spent yestereve
in celebration of three years in one another’s company
(a record breaking event for us both..)
what did we do?
thrift shopping- no great treasures there, only some servicable winter things
and a burgundy burned velvet item, swirls of archaic calligraphy
but it happened to be a horrible large woman shirt
and as soon as i have a little mechanical stitcher that actually works,
i will transform it into something lovely- a skirt or apron perhapses..
then on to frida, which was lovely in all her heart’s blood and gold-dust and gore
brothers quay have a puppet sequence with dia de los muertos evil doktors (!)
yam-yam-yammed up piles of buttery popcorn, ginger-ale and pistachio chocolates
and then to a lovely empty restaurant where we devoured delicious sashimi grade salmon
pale pink on the outside and completely raw within- melts in the mouth..
sweet sweet sweet
my darling princess violetta-la-la flies in tonight
i can’t wait to be re-united with my other half,
my siamese sister, dreamlet cupcake kitten..
i am making her a white gauzy chamber to slumber in all through the winter..
i drank far too much wine tonight, and they had no pernod- fie!
it was to drown out the mindless babble of sports enthusiasts
the plastic face i am paid to wear
sometims, the sight of my own blood is such a comfort..
it reminds me that i am real.

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