by angeliska on October 7, 2002

i have a complaint to issue.
i need to go to the office of the board of weather restrictions at the seasons bureau
and fill out the necessary paperwork to get this thing called autumn in motion..
i am extremely dismayed to find myself covered in a light sheen of perspiration-
my locks lanky, clad still in a tattered slip (that’s all i can bear to wear in this despicable heat! shreds of silk!) my plants are shriveled and gasping, my cat is disconsolately yowling- absolutely nothing is comfortable- getting dressed and applying maquillage, usually such a joy, is only a trial in this loathesome sweatbox.
and the sun! that bright glaring orb, that moldy old treacle bun!
get thee to a nunnery, sun! brazen hussy of a star! it’s fall now- avaunt ye!
-so as any of you in more forgiving climes clamber happily into your snug feather beds, fire in the fireplace a’roaring -or as you dress for the day in rich heavy velvets, tweeds, wools and furs (and scarves and hats and leather gloves!) -as you light sticks of cinnamon and clove incense, brew pots of tea, stir hearty hot soups, and listen to nico on grey and rainy days..
cast a thought to me, your southern sister- languishing here in louisiana, the land that time and care forgot..
we all keep saying, “in just a couple of weeks, it will start to get cooler..”
-it’s now october, and you could fry an egg on the sidewalk..i suppose this is necessary conditioning- since we’ve been planning on immigrating to amsterdam, the prospect of seriously cold and nasty weather has been intimidating me profoundly (i’ve only seen snow twice in my life) ..but, if i just get really good and fed up with this southern excuse for autumn, i may come to look on the deplorable weather of the netherlands as a welcome change…i do hope so.
-if any of you have any inside connections with any deity on the weather and season board,
could you beseech them, for the love of god- get with the program and please make it fall here, too!

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