by angeliska on September 25, 2002

yes, we all know the score by now- rain, rain, and more rain..
spent all today and yesterday moving things inside, taping windows, cleaning, re-arranging furniture- preparing..no teevee or radio to tell me what is up with the hurricane- only this computer to keep me tethered to the modern world- and the updates have been sparse and not well kept up with..sooo..isidore is now been downgraded to tropical storm status- though the winds are lashing and the rain just keeps…coming..still, i was expected to go walk to work in this- because “it’s only a tropical storm!” -though i can’t cross the street because it’s covered with a few feet of water, and i doubt any cab will come pick me up..because i know how direly important it is to keep the little cigar shop open in a tropical storm, even though the shop in question is flooding, and the mayor has reccomended that all businesses close by 12:00, and has already closed all the schools and city hall..hmmm, yeah- sorry to rant, but why does this just not make any sense to me? what madness..
well, guess what? i’m not going! you can’t make me! only a fool would go out in weather like this. curses to them for being petulant when i told them i would be late since i’d have to walk around and find a place to cross the river that was once esplanade..rantrantrant..

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