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Dithyrambalina: Musical Architecture in New Orleans

by angeliska on July 27, 2011

So! I am very excited to announce that Colin and I will be collaborating on a piece that will be part of amazing project called Dithyrambalina: The Brooklyn-based artist Swoon, who may know from her beautiful wheat-pasted cut-out street art (…)

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Sakura Honey

by angeliska on May 16, 2011

✸ I love these vibrant illustrations by A. Alexeieff for Russian Fairy Tales, from 1945 This bit from Eudora makes me want to track down a copy of my own: “These Russian tales are rambunctious, full-blooded and temperamental. They are (…)

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by angeliska on April 14, 2011

O much neglected corner of the world – little quiet place where I come to lay down my findings, hollowed-out tree trunk where I store treasure. I am embarrassed at how little I’ve been able to find the time, the (…)

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Maraschino Honey

by angeliska on December 1, 2010

★ This interview with Patti Smith in Japan just rocks my world. She is so raw, and unafraid – totally unfiltered, totally high. This world needs more role models like her. “I might be 31 years old, but I’ve just (…)

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Spookhouse Honey

by angeliska on October 28, 2010

I’ll be in New Orleans for Halloween and Day of the Dead, so here’s a little more honey to keep you busy until I get back! Hope you all have a beautiful Witches’ New Year! Jack Mord from The Thanatos (…)

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Mädchen Honey

by angeliska on October 22, 2010

Souvenirs du passé (1930) by John W. Russell – from artinconnu ✶ My new favorite blog: Art Inconnu – what a wonderful source of inspiration! There is so much here that I’ve never seen before, and my eyes just drink (…)

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Magic Windows #18

by angeliska on October 18, 2010

A perfect lady. White hair and red roses please me more than I can say. This is a real thing that exists somewhere, this rabbit. He’s almost four feet tall. Can you handle it? Real rabbit fur, and composition. I (…)

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Witchball Honey

by angeliska on August 18, 2010

(Photo by Nancy Chow.) ★ I love Arthur Magazine – they always turn me on to the best stuff, and write about a lot of my favorite people, places and things that no one else seems to know about. Right (…)

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Mermaid Corpseflower Honey

by angeliska on July 16, 2010

✸ One of my favorite films ever, I Am Dina, is available for your viewing pleasure on Hulu right now, and though it’s not the ideal medium to watch something so incredibly beautiful and powerful – it’s free! Also, I’m (…)

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by angeliska on June 22, 2010

In the third buckwild installment of Azz Everywhere we are bringing you the dirtiest mouth in the south, hot lady rapper and New Orleans Bounce diva The Legendary Ms. Tee! Our DJs Rusty Lazer DJ Twerk (aka. Chicken Kiev) will (…)

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