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The Left Eye of Horus

by angeliska on August 3, 2011

Horus was the ancient Egyptian sky god who was usually depicted as a falcon. His right eye was associated with the sun Ra. The eye symbol represents the marking around a Peregrine Falcon’s eye that includes the “teardrop” marking sometimes (…)

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Dithyrambalina: Musical Architecture in New Orleans

by angeliska on July 27, 2011

So! I am very excited to announce that Colin and I will be collaborating on a piece that will be part of amazing project called Dithyrambalina: The Brooklyn-based artist Swoon, who may know from her beautiful wheat-pasted cut-out street art (…)

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Happy Birthday Pandora!

by angeliska on July 22, 2011

Today marks a very special holiday indeed – the birthday of my dearest darling, Miss Pandora Gastelum. In lieu of getting to celebrate her whelping with her (the travesty of why this cannot be is detailed below), I am writing (…)

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by angeliska on June 17, 2011

Oh today, today. I don’t really want to write about what today was like, because it was quite awful. Instead, I’ll write about something that makes me happier: my favorite film. I know, I know – just one? Is it (…)

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Queerbomb 2011!

by angeliska on June 2, 2011

Our annual Queerbomb rally, procession and party is tomorrow, and I’m just taking a minute to reflect with amazement at this beautiful phenomenon that I’ve had the honor of being a part of for the second year running now. To (…)

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Sakura Honey

by angeliska on May 16, 2011

✸ I love these vibrant illustrations by A. Alexeieff for Russian Fairy Tales, from 1945 This bit from Eudora makes me want to track down a copy of my own: “These Russian tales are rambunctious, full-blooded and temperamental. They are (…)

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by angeliska on April 14, 2011

O much neglected corner of the world – little quiet place where I come to lay down my findings, hollowed-out tree trunk where I store treasure. I am embarrassed at how little I’ve been able to find the time, the (…)

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Vultures + Persimmons

by angeliska on November 26, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, we made the journey over hill and dale on the first of our familial holiday pilgrimages. I hear all the time complaints about the lack of seasons in Texas, and our pitiful lack of autumn – untrue, I (…)

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Tranarchy + Pearls Over Shanghai

by angeliska on October 2, 2010

Our latest party is nigh… TRANARCHY! October 2nd – 10pm until.. ? at The ND (The Independent) 501 Brushy & East 5th A night of dancing and performances from drag kings, queens and everything in between! featuring performances by: Kings (…)

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3 Women

by angeliska on August 17, 2010

I had tried, on multiple occasions, to watch 3 Women – knowing instinctively that I would love it, though I hadn’t yet seen many of Robert Altman’s films. Something always went wrong. The disc had a flaw, and froze up, (…)

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