Spookhouse Honey

by angeliska on October 28, 2010

I’ll be in New Orleans for Halloween and Day of the Dead, so here’s a little more honey to keep you busy until I get back! Hope you all have a beautiful Witches’ New Year! Jack Mord from The Thanatos (…)

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Mädchen Honey

by angeliska on October 22, 2010

Souvenirs du passé (1930) by John W. Russell – from artinconnu ✶ My new favorite blog: Art Inconnu – what a wonderful source of inspiration! There is so much here that I’ve never seen before, and my eyes just drink (…)

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Witchball Honey

by angeliska on August 18, 2010

(Photo by Nancy Chow.) ★ I love Arthur Magazine – they always turn me on to the best stuff, and write about a lot of my favorite people, places and things that no one else seems to know about. Right (…)

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Mermaid Corpseflower Honey

by angeliska on July 16, 2010

✸ One of my favorite films ever, I Am Dina, is available for your viewing pleasure on Hulu right now, and though it’s not the ideal medium to watch something so incredibly beautiful and powerful – it’s free! Also, I’m (…)

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Tigermilk Honey

by angeliska on July 6, 2010

I’m glad I don’t smoke anymore, but this ad for Murad cigarettes is quite tempting, eh? ✸ Exciting news! The latest issue of Coilhouse is out now: Coilhouse 05: Let All The Children Boogie is the juiciest, most glam-tastic issue (…)

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Blue Chicory Honey

by angeliska on June 16, 2010

Found from Bean (aka. riotclitshave) Wish I knew more! Isn’t it stunning? Woman with Cross and Skull 19th c. – Qajar period, Iran Opaque watercolor and gold on paper Mistick Krewe of Comus float design, by Jennie Wilde — 1910 (…)

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Sweetgrass Honey

by angeliska on May 21, 2010

“Every place she goes she is picking up the abandoned remnants of other people’s lives. ‘We are dust’ is Monica Canilao’s first New York solo exhibition featuring found antique portraits, enshrined in the collections she has amassed through time. Everything (…)

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Stargazer Honey

by angeliska on January 3, 2010

Our New Year’s Eve was truly magical. Despite a rocky start fraught with Mercury’s meddlings, we managed to create a really solid camp and the coziest tipi yet! In a pinch, duct tape, scavenged rope and a random dental tool (…)

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Huexoloti Honey

by angeliska on November 26, 2009

(Photo by Red-Star) Turkeys are such strange birds. Ugly-beautiful, and regal-ridiculous. Have you ever seen one flying wild? It’s like a giant feathered cannonball shot through the woods. Hilarious and shocking. We saw wild turkeys in Osyka Springs, Mississippi when (…)

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Balsam Honey

by angeliska on October 2, 2009

Well, not really! I’ve been hard at work and doing a lot of thinking, my friends- and so I do apologize for the quiet. Exciting things are soon to be revealed! The season is turning, and in these liminal states (…)

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