Cold Days and Child Things

by angeliska on February 7, 2007

On cold days it is Easy to behave and Easy to believe in it With a bit of ice under my clothes My tongue against the teeth I think of nothing Walk around the house on the cold ‘Til it (…)

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Equinox Song

by angeliska on September 23, 2006

Welcome to Fall, all! I do believe that the onset of autumn a much more giddily anticipated event down here in the South than elsewhere- incipient cool-fronts keenly felt, a brisk nip in the air and our ears perk, noses (…)

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Flotsam and Jetsam

by angeliska on January 31, 2006

I was working in my garden the other day and accidentally unearthed this little friend: knotty, knotty little snakey! Some things: ✶ I made kombucha tea. ✶ If you want to come to yoga class with me, it’s bring a (…)

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