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Excesses + Torn Dresses

by angeliska on May 29, 2009

Hello Mister Bobcat! I love your face. It looks a bit like my face when I’ve had my snoot to the grindstone for far too long, and am yearnin’ to don some tattered finery and tear it up. Oh, and (…)

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Black Velvet + Silver Filigree

by angeliska on May 21, 2009

I got a new hat today. – velvet + silver filigree hat from Uncommon Objects – metal twig earrings from Parts + Labor – antler lady necklace, gift from Mlle. Verhext, made by Element Lux – watch chains necklace from (…)

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Mardi Gras, My Love

by angeliska on February 18, 2009

Sometime around midnight tonight I shall hit the road, traveling down that old familiar highway to make my pilgrimage, to celebrate my most favorite holiday- yes, darlings, it is Mardi Gras time! I never got around to sharing these photos (…)

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A Day at the Opera

by angeliska on February 9, 2009

Today was strange and magical.. I took a long, luxurious bath and read The Lisa Diaries, which are hilarious and depraved. Excellent bathtime reading! I rely so much on the quality of light to limn and define objects- I love (…)

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Happy Hexmas!

by angeliska on December 26, 2008

If you haven’t guessed by now, I really get into holidays- in my own peculiar way. I just enjoy the idea that a day, or series of days is extraordinary and to be a reason to celebrate and enjoy any (…)

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Imps of Winter

by angeliska on December 20, 2008

The other morning when I awoke, a cloud had fallen to earth and everything was enveloped in a thick haze. It made everything seem especially ghostly and mysterious, as if a winter spell had been cast by mischievous imps intent (…)

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Crimson Meteors

by angeliska on December 15, 2008

Last night we went to see the Golden Dragon Acrobats at the Paramount Theatre. Oh heavens, they were so incredible! I have rarely seen such feats of daring, grace and strength performed so playfully and (apparently) effortlessly. I want to (…)

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Hot Pursuits

by angeliska on July 17, 2008

Texan summertime truly encourages innovation in the realms of refreshment and distraction- Anything to take your mind off your parched throat, and the rivulets of sweat dripping down every limb.. Thus, fancy sodas, frivolous frocks, and every night a cabaret, (…)

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by angeliska on July 2, 2008

About a week ago, I set out on an adventure.. I intended it to be only a minor one- Black Sabbath Brunch at Dominique’s house and then a little junking at the Citywide Garage Sale.. I was a wee bit (…)

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