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Magic Windows #6

by angeliska on November 4, 2009

I haven’t really accepted in my heart that another Halloween is over. In fact, I propose that we extend Halloween into November, and quite possibly further – far into Hexmas territory, eh? It’d be fine by me. I’ve got a (…)

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Magic Windows #5

by angeliska on October 24, 2009

Creepy cute lion babies, you hypnotize me. I cannot look away. You have me under your power. I will now paint everything I own gold! We had this giant preserved Alligator Gar specimen in the window at Uncommon Objects for (…)

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Magic Windows #3

by angeliska on September 18, 2009

A quick Magic Windows update from afar, these are actually all Austin related images that I’ve been meaning to show you for awhile.. Don’t worry, the New York edition of Magic Windows is shaping up to be pretty great. Just (…)

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by angeliska on September 7, 2009

So, our house caught on fire last night! We were so incredible lucky that we caught it before it spread into the ceiling- I am really feeling so grateful right now to whatever is protecting us. We smelled smoke, and (…)

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Magic Windows #1

by angeliska on August 26, 2009

Want to see into my day-to-day? My crazy-ass hyper-power robot celephone records it fairly faithfully for me, and it’s high-time for a magic window party! Jewels from the shop. Sometimes I cannot resist the sparkle. Okay, I admit that I (…)

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Lapsang Honey

by angeliska on July 24, 2009

I really only have a teensy snoppet of time just now- but as it happens to be Thursday, (well it was when I started writing this, anyway!) I feel moved to thank my lucky stars for some bits of assorted (…)

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Black Velvet + Silver Filigree

by angeliska on May 21, 2009

I got a new hat today. – velvet + silver filigree hat from Uncommon Objects – metal twig earrings from Parts + Labor – antler lady necklace, gift from Mlle. Verhext, made by Element Lux – watch chains necklace from (…)

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by angeliska on April 16, 2009

These are some things making me extremely happy right now: I saw this taxidermied fetal miniature horse out at the antiques fair. He was hiding behind a fan and some other junk because the lady who had him didn’t want (…)

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Imps of Winter

by angeliska on December 20, 2008

The other morning when I awoke, a cloud had fallen to earth and everything was enveloped in a thick haze. It made everything seem especially ghostly and mysterious, as if a winter spell had been cast by mischievous imps intent (…)

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Crimson Meteors

by angeliska on December 15, 2008

Last night we went to see the Golden Dragon Acrobats at the Paramount Theatre. Oh heavens, they were so incredible! I have rarely seen such feats of daring, grace and strength performed so playfully and (apparently) effortlessly. I want to (…)

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