Queens of Halloween

by angeliska on November 10, 2011

This Halloween Season was a flurry of fancy parties, fabulous shows, and numerous costumes –
a few of which I will attempt to recount in the following snaps from a week of spooky fun.

Coco Coquette’s astounding Beautiful Monsters show provided an excellent opportunity
to don my beloved Nadia wig (also from Coco Coquette, of course!) and bloody tears.
If you were unfortunate enough to miss actually seeing this amazing spectacle, I recommend
you check out more images from the show from Leon Alesi.

A gun moll look I tossed on for the Goodwill Ghoul Ball that I attended with the beautiful ladies of Maison D’Etoile. Always with the tears!
Aoud whispers
Aoud whispers at Zola Jesus.
Goat priestess
I was a goat priestess – or as a friend cleverly dubbed me “Goatfra Haza”!
I was Vali Myers for Halloween
I was Vali Myers for Halloween – I’ll post more photos from Halloween proper soonly…
Cruella de Garro!
Cruella de Garro! Miss Allyson of Coco Coquette workin’ that wig at the Ghoul Ball – there were a bevy of other Cruellas
at the ball that night, but they scurried away in shame and awe when faced with the undeniable glory of that powerful coif!

Miss Shari Ella Gerstenberger of Charm School Vintage getting excited about mashed potatoes in a martini glass. Heaven!

Oh, Sharilyn!
Alanna of Lovecraft Vintage rockin’ her rusalka waterwitch magic.

Who you gonna call? If only this could be my daily chariot!

Quadruple Satan!

Don’t forget the reason for the season!

There was an incredible array of vintage Halloween goodies at Uncommon Objects this year –
lots of devils, witches, ghosts and pumpkins! German die-cuts and tchotchkes galore…

I’m not exactly sure how I managed to restrain myself from snatching it all up!

Demonic name tages from the Flametrick Subs/Satan’s Cheerleaders Reunion show.
I love it when you can recognize a dear friend’s handwriting right off the bat…

Jeepers, creepers – A tin of eyeballs, soon to be made into jewelry…
Oh, and bonus – I didn’t manage to go to any haunted houses this year (alas!),
bu looking at photos from Nightmare Fear Factory photostream almost made up for that…
Trust me, they’re hysterical. Hope you all had a magical Halloween holiday – what did you dress up as this year?
Magic from Halloweens of yore:
New Orleans Hallowe’en
Spookhouse Honey
The Witches’ New Year


You’re Vali Myers is so spot on! You dazzle.

by zardalu on November 10, 2011 at 11:06 pm. Reply #

Whoops. your***
That is what I get for being so blinded by your beauty!

by zardalu on November 10, 2011 at 11:07 pm. Reply #

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