Magic Windows #22

by angeliska on July 26, 2011

My, it’s been an age since I last made a foray into the world of Magic Windows!
I’m not sure why, exactly – other than that I have heaps of photos tucked away
where I can’t access them without the help of a tech-sherpa. Hopefully soon, those
will be unearthed, but for the moment, here are some images from my various cameras
that will serve as a window into what I have found curious and delightful over this summer:
A majestic dead leaf moth in the stairwell of my jewelry studio. I don’t know the species name, alas.
Sidral Mundet Mazana Verde – the prettiest, palest green apple soda ever.
I could not resist these Kermit the Frog sheets at an estate sale.
I tried, I really did – but I failed. I don’t even have a twin bed
to put them on! But I’m a sucker for a banjo-playing frog, man.
Weird shadows on a fence at another small-town garage sale.
I think they are super creepy. The people having the sale thought
I was super creepy, taking pictures of their fence and all. Ha!
This one day my beloved brujita-sister, Sienna O’Banion and I had the perfect summer afternoon:
we took a ride in her vintage bleached bone-colored Mercedes-Benz, Blanca – with all the
windows down, going about 20 miles an hour at all times (because Sienna drives like a granny!)
We drank Topo Chicos and got lollies from the pneumatic tube (magic!) at the bank – Dum Dum pops,
in MYSTERY flavor
, which is of course my favorite. We jammed out to this amazing tape of gospel hits,
The Way Up the Hill – which is the perfect soundtrack for tootling around town in Blanca. We had quite
a time, picnicking on coconut water and chocolate and P. Terry’s under pecan branches, talking of all the
things that dear lady friends talk about – love, loss and life. Then onward to the clear, cold waters of the
hallowed springs, to become mermaids again – our hair streaming out like seaweed, our skin like gold.
Butter and bacon.
What more do you require?
(Other than to win the lottery, that is…)
These peaches from came from our trees!
They are little, and very sweet. Nothin’
better than a bowlful of fruit from trees
you grew, eh? I love our miniature orchard.
Take a bite o’ peach!
My breakfast, which was too lovely + delicious not to photograph:
greek honey yogurt, blueberries, big ripe figs and sliced angelcots!
I found this dolly sunbather with her markered-on itty
bitty polka-dot bikini lounging poolside at Deep Eddy.
The eternal kitten (who these days we are mostly referring to as “Blinky”) teaches me that summer is for catnaps.


Oooh! What is that gorgeous green bobbly-leafed plant in the peach-in-hand photo?

by mlle ghoul on July 26, 2011 at 7:37 am. Reply #

mothy looks like a poplar hawk to me. i grew one in a coffee jar full of earth last year when my love presented me with a caterpillar in a matchbox. called him ranjit.
love yr blog as always angel. been catching up all afternoon. xo

by nicky peacock on November 25, 2011 at 9:36 am. Reply #

Lovely! I just realized I never answered your question from this post oh so long ago: the plant is question is one of my favorites – a silver ponyfoot. It’s a trailing beauty, and isn’t that just the best name ever?

by Angeliska on October 4, 2012 at 12:54 am. Reply #

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