Grackle Camp

by angeliska on July 28, 2010

Once again, our garden is overrun with pixies! A month ago, the sevenfold
incarnation of the Black Forest Fancies took up residence in our backyard,
their tent-village springing up like a fairy ring of mushrooms. Grackle Camp
was born, with the sweetest, most hard-working bunch of puppeteers you
ever did meet. We woke up every morning to the sound of laughter in our
kitchen, and found that a flurry of seven (not dwarves, but elves) had cleaned
the dishes, and made a big communal meal. For two weeks, our seven elves
stayed, and not once did we become overwhelmed by them, or wish to have
our house back to ourselves. To the contrary; it felt too quiet without Zibby’s
cackle, or Libby making salsa, or Otter lolling naked in the hammock,
or Jesse sleeping out under the stars in his sleeping bag. Nina Carolina
and Miss Pandora rounded out and led this wolfy pack, and together they
put on a series of amazing performances of The Pomology of Sweetness
and Light. With all of them being here, I think I finally got a sense of what
it might be like to grow up in a big family. It definitely felt like Swiss Family
Robinson Crusoe around here for those two weeks. Dinners under the dark
canopy of sycamores and pecans, red candlelight and vinho verde and
millions of mosquitoes. Half of them have returned for another go, two
new shows, which I really hope you can go see! Here’s all the info:
A new configuration from New Orleans’ own puppet darlings,
risen from the ashes of the Black Forest Fancies – The Mudlark Puppeteers
are back in Austin with two new shows. They will be performing The Six Swans
and The Nightingale at Center Stage Texas
2826 Real St. 78722
Thursday, July 29th and Friday, July 30 at 8:30 pm.
Admission $10 for adults, $5 for students, seniors and children.
We are hosting a very special party
on Saturday July 31st at 10pm
The Mudlarks present the
The Story of St Dymphna
Behold the making of the beloved martyr
and patron saint of madhouses, motherless children, and princesses in exile.
Told through rod and shadow puppetry – to a score of very black metal.
and The Six Swans – from the Brothers Grimm.
A princess braves an incredible trial to free her
brothers from a cruel witch’s curse.
Told in rod and shadow puppetry.
Also featuring the amazing Lex Land, chanteuse extraordinaire
and DJ Lina X spinning into the night for dancing under the trees!
1051 Springdale Rd – admission $6
(Pandora and Nina, post-bloodwrestling…)
The last two parties we threw for the Fancies were great successes,
with money raised for the Mudlark Theatre in New Orleans, and from
the Fish Fry for the Gulf Coast Fishermen. We threw an underpants
party, with live bloodwrestling, which was quite a hit, as you might imagine.
And before: as Dolly Parton
…and J. Lo!
Sick, as carny-barker presents the bloody spectacle, with Zibby, Frannie and Marrow wrasslin’ to the death!
Analy and Rachel tipped the pool over with their exertions!
Our donation bar was generously provided by the awesome folks at Tito’s Vodka,
with applejack cocktails that enabled and inspired much of the wrestling!
The bartenders did double time at the kissing booth.
Lovely Monika wielding sparklers in her fanciest underthings.
The lovingly cradled PBR was merely a prop to display her talent for showcasing.
Hans Christian Andersen’s story, The Nightingale was brought to life by the Mudlark Puppeteers,
as a fable told through shadow puppetry and marionettes. The Emperor’s palace and garden are
the most magnificent in the world, but of  the many wonders in his vast empire, the nightingale
is best of all. The emperor never leaves his throne, so heavy is he with his own importance,
so he has never heard the beloved voice of the little bird. The nightingale is summoned to the
palace, to please the Emperor, but can nature’s beauty thrive in a gilded cage at court?
Waiting for Gumbo was hysterical. Beckett’s Godot performed by crawdads, mice and live cockroaches!
Miss Amelia, radiant and lovely, and wearing only her unmentionables!
I don’t remember this chicky’s name, but I like her Aeon Flux hair-do.
Elves, I tell you! Amanda Stone is made of elves, and don’t let nobody tell you different.
See the full set of The Black Forest Fancies Underpants Party photos here!

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