Black Forest Birthday!

by angeliska on January 2, 2009

by Audrey Kawasaki
Ah yes, that time is quickly approaching-
a birthdee for me! It’s my dirty thirty,
so I want make it a grand one!

by Elsa Mora
You are invited to a..
Black Forest Birthday Party
and Fairytale Fête!

Saturday, January 10th
8pm – until the cock crows, or so..
At Grackle Grove (aka our house!)
Contact me if you need directions..
It will be an Eastern European Potluck again so,
please bring your favorite dish
or beverage from:
Czech Republic
Bosnia and Herzegovina
or Russia!
Greek, Macedonian or Israeli food is excellent too!
Also, German or Austrian goodies-
to match the theme!
Bring on the spaetzle und strudel!
There is a wonderful cookbook
called Please to the Table
I will be consulting for inspiration!
¡total pizdetz kitchen!
Sasha’s Gourmet Russian Market & Cafe
or Phoenicia Bakery & Deli are
great places to find imported treats
like caviar and pirozhki!

This will be a costume party also,
so please come dressed in your
best Black Forest Fashions!

Bust out your dirndls und lederhosen
und ethnic folk dancing costumes!
I will be posting an inspiring primer
toute suite, but in the meantime
here are some ideas:
Fairytale characters-
especially Red Riding Hood
Big Bad Wolf
Hansel and/or Gretel
Strapping Woodsman
Distressed Damsel
Forest Creatures
Deer Girls
Wolf Children
et cetera!

(Can you believe this photograph is from 1887?)
Surprise performances,
sultry dances, impromptu arias
or theatrical pieces will be welcomed
with immense delight!
Bring musical instruments if you play, please?
Don’t forget your dancing slippers!


I’d love to stop by if I can. Directions, please? I believe my e-mail is available via this comment, or, if not, it’s on my vintagehandbag journal over on LJ.

by Carly on January 7, 2009 at 8:08 am. Reply #

Greetings Beauteous Angel!
This is your fellow Mardi Gras calendar girl Jenny, I have a little birthday present for you! Where do I send it? My email is Only 39 days left until Mardi Gras, I can’t wait to see your costume!(You were truly a Goddess Divine at Halloween!)

by Jenny on January 15, 2009 at 2:23 pm. Reply #

Why is this called Black Forest fashion? Have you ever been here at the black forest?

by Ulrich on May 2, 2009 at 4:50 am. Reply #

To Ulrich:
When I talk about Black Forest, I am not referring to a specific geographical region
(and though I’ve not yet visited the Schwarzwald, one day I would love to!)
for me, it refers to the magical forest where all fairytales take place-
especially the darkest ones!. Black Forest fashion and style
takes inspiration from traditional folk costume, storybook illustrations,
the animal kingdom, and fantastical dreams.
The carvings, antiques and art from Black Forest hunting lodges
are also something I collect and take reference from.
Thank you for your query- it was fun to sit down and define
exactly where that notion comes from!

by Angeliska on May 2, 2009 at 9:49 am. Reply #

question: is the photo of the bunny and the hedgehog copyrighted? If not, do you have a high-resolution of it? I would like to use it in an Oktoberfest invite I am working on. thank you. Barry

by barry Shapiro on August 16, 2010 at 2:13 pm. Reply #

Hi Barry,
As far as I know, the image is an early Victorian photograph, and not copyrighted. I found it via tumblr, I believe, but you could probably find a higher res version and maybe even provenance, especially if you use Tin Eye. They have a wonderful reverse search engine for mysterious images. Good luck and thanks for asking!
– Angeliska

by Angeliska on August 16, 2010 at 2:19 pm. Reply #

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