Sea-opals and tatters-all

by angeliska on December 17, 2006

Hello from the vine-tangled fallow fields, fanciful friends!
No winter’s bluster to speak of hereabouts, I’m afraid-
as our overwarmly revolving nugget of a planet is
rapidly becoming uncomfortably hot under the collar..
In Texas today, we wore short sleeves and light skirts
(well, I did anyhow..) and perspired ever so slightly.

Extremely well-loved darlings bear glad tidings..
A marvelous change has come upon me recently in regards
to my form of gainful employ- I now work in a
veritable wonderland, a haven for the curious,
a cavern of curiosities, an oddity in every nook and cranny..
Uncommon Objects!

Everywhere you look, there is some sort of loveliness..

Like this glorious Oddfellows banner..

As well as all manner of Masonic memorabilia..

Meteorites of lost memories..
The upper air burst into life!
And a hundred fire-flags sheen,
To and fro they were hurried about!
And to and fro, and in and out,
The wan stars danced between..

Mothjinx! I was tempted by this cannister, but it smelled very strange indeed..

These critters make me want to eat pink cake..

Jewels galore!
The only downside is that I am spending all my wages on treasures!
Though, my wunderkammers were so depleted-
surely it’s no sin to fill them up again, eh?
These photos are actually quite old at this point,
but I’ll soon show you all the fanciest treats!
Needless to say, I feel very much in my element
and am an extremely happy (and incredibly busy) bee..

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