Juli in Luilekkerland

by angeliska on July 16, 2006

Another amazing gigantor bug on my house,
with wee baby hitchhiker to boot!
She was about as long as my palm, I’d reckon.

Sweet Amelia hiding behind frog bones.
We had such a lovely, perfect day last week-
visiting the coatimundis, coyotes, bobcats,
foxes, owls, polecats,
bones, butterflies bees et al.
Then a marvelous dinner à la Rusty Sparks,
full moon swimming in the deep cold springs,
a raucous game of 31 (Scat / Ride the Bus / Blitz)
and a.. GOATWALK!

Oh sweet goatie! How I adore you!

How they love to nibble poison ivy, yam-yam-yam..

Yonder, beyond the fields we know.

Mercury turns to lead in this weather-
an alchemical abomination fraught with
crossed lines, various demons, and broken plans.
My grampapa and I had planned another trip
for August- this time to Japan (aiii!)
but unfortunately he must have cataract surgery
soon and so we had to go ahead and cancel it..
I’m more than a little heartbroken over it-
on several thousand levels.
I hope we can take another trip together.
Perhaps in spring- for cherryblossom time?
I have to get out and travel a bit though,
or I may go completely batty!
So we’re going to try and get to New York
for a short jaunt- to noozle lovelies and
see at least one of the following…
Diamanda Galás presents for THE SPIEGELTENT: four different concerts for voice and piano, most recent interpretations of some songs new and some famous to her repertoire, spanning Hollywood, New York, the Deep South, Paris, Greece, and Asia Minor.  
August 10/06 – Long Black Veil: a program of tragic and homicidal love songs by Diamanda Galas, OV Wright, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins Ornette Coleman, and others.  
August 17/06 – O Death: songs of loneliness, death, and defiance by John Lee Hooker, Phil Ochs, Ralph Stanley, Hank Williams, and Shel Silverstein.  
August 24/06 – Heaven Have Mercy: The Singers – songs made famous by Marlene Dietrich, Peggy Lee, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Edith Piaf, and Timi Yuro.  
August 31/06 – Burn Me: Songs from the Greek underworld, Armenian Udi Hrant and other songs by Diamanda Galas using texts from the French poets maudits and Galas’ vocal prowess in the amanethes  of Asia Minor.
So yes, that and hopefully Kiki and Herb
and Nova Scotia or the Pine Barrens
and definitely Ossining!

Summertime slinks in casting waves of heatshimmer,
honeysuckle dewed hummingbirds dip in the twilight
branches rustle, cicadas thrum, holy basil and tomato leaf.
The world is all blue and gold and green
when I am at my rest.

My luminous star-lily-of-the-sea!
skin seascape in suspension
                        holographic entrypoint
                    each part reflects the whole

A dryad indeed is she!

Return to the Chateau Funspit, my most favorite new neighbors.
Staghorn fern chandeliers,Amaranth (love-lies-bleeding), White Datura,
melons, vines, and fireflies outside
and darn good company within.
Also, chickens.

Oh, and seven songs of my right now:
1. Summerwine – Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood
2. Human Fly – Nouvelle Vague
3. Miss You – Rolling Stones
4. TXAss Rock – Tiana Hux
5. Here Come the Girls – Ernie K. Doe
6. Poppy Day – Legendary Pink Dots
7. Les Sucettes – France Gall

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