by angeliska on January 16, 2006

Frolicking in confetti even though it’s not snow..

Hijinks with Mister Wiggins.

The loveliest cakes made by the loveliest ladies.
And my sword, to cut with and also
for slaying the piñata samurai.

Edible flowers and many colorful and flavorful layers.
The icing was salty almond rose. You don’t even know how good it is.
There’s some left if you’d like to come over and have a piece.

We threaten the effigy with sharp blades and fists
and intimidating glances.

And then we kill it real good.

Inside were sparkles and candy like this.

What a lovely frilly princess!

Slightly stale marshmallows are always bettter when roasted
on a telescopic toasting fork (many thanks !)

We danced to many fine records. This one was the fanciest by far.

It’s very nice also when puppies wear hats and wigs, don’t you think?
It really was awfully divine,
my thanks to all who came and made it so, so, so very.
We sipped lavender mojitos and cassis lambic
and the princess brought me a basket of
freshly picked miniature carrots.
They look like carrots for dolls.
I was gifted by my sweetlings with:
❅a most marvelous jewel created by my love, photographs soonly..
❅satin snowflake tuffet
❅Russian Ark
❅1920’s peachy negligee
❅figgy candle
❅pomegranate skin-star
❅a horsebird
❅narwhal shell
❅Laszlo Berki Gypsy Ensemble
❅Musique des Tsiganes de Valachie
❅almond cookies
❅Maxfield Parrish and Alma-Tadema books from Grampapa
❅Andre Gide’s Travels in the Congo, inexplicably
from my aunt and uncle who otherwise never speak to me.
I also gifted myself:
A Morning’s Work
Gloxinia and Hyacinth
✶a stuffed barn owl named Pazuzu
✶I quit smoking.
Oh my lord it is so goddamn painful.
I had no idea.
It’s giving me weird dreams like this:
I fall asleep in the movie theater
and wake during the part in the horror movie where
the little girl wanders into what used to be the old garbage
dump where so many bodies of little children were buried or tossed.
They swarm up to her with melted leathery faces,
hollow eyes, twisted gaping mouths, ragged playclothes
moaning and trying to touch her face and hair
but it only makes her giggle. She has found her friends.

Oh my goodness. It was a good time, yes it was.

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