I found a reason..

by angeliska on December 7, 2005

Who would have known : that a boy like him
Would have entered me lightly restoring my blisses

Who would have known : that a boy like him
After sharing my core would stay going nowhere

Who would have known : a beauty this immense

Who would have known : a saintly trance

Who would have known : miraculous breath
To inhale a beard loaded with courage

Who would have known?

In explanation for my absence- I’m afraid I have fallen in love.
Truly, madly, deeply.
Oh yes, completely under the spell of this man-
A long tall blacksmith who bends iron to his will,
makes metal malleable and transformed into
objects of astonishing beauty-
who raises the rarest and most delicate carnivorous plants
with equal artfulness and skill.. Oh my!
These following are from his collection:

Various Sarraceniae

Sarracenia flava

Nepenthes x coccinea

Nepenthes alata x maxima

Some thoughts:
I never expected this to ever happen.
This is the man I will share the rest of my life with.
I have never felt more happy in all my memory.
Did I mention he has a forklift?
Oh my love.
His name is Colin.
Loki, his cat (pictured on the motorcycle)
is missing.. Come home Loki!
The puppy, I call him Lord Synorgon.
His name is actually Thelonius.
Or Noodleboots. Or Theologian.
Also, photographing plants and flowers
is satisfying because they don’t wriggle around.
Very much, anyway.

He and Rusty Jacknife
and the biggest pomegranate ever.
In other news, little kitty recently
made a stop at castration station-
pom-pom snip!
Poor little dopey emasculated dear.

It’s the coldest night of the year
so far- and my life recently became
better than I ever could have
imagined, in a multitude of ways.
All my wishes are coming true.

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[…] This one. Owl-eyes that contract and expand when they alight upon me, making shivers run up my spine even after these six years in each other’s company. My tall drink of clear water, my true arrow. Colin, sweet and strong, the blacksmith who courted me and won my heart all in the space of one afternoon, one moment where I woke from rainbow goblin dreams to find him kneeling at the foot of my bed, my hands suddenly running through the thick bear pelt of his hair, and us locked in a kiss, a lover’s knot from which we’ve never come unbound. It was never a question, from that moment on – our lives were twined like ivy. […]

by Angeliska Gazette › 11.11.11 – Eleven Eleven Eleven – A wish. on November 11, 2011 at 12:42 am. Reply #

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