Singin' the Blues

by angeliska on August 31, 2005

Another sad song or two,
because words alone just can’t tell you..
And also a few things:

Some heartrending photographs of New Orleans
I hadn’t seen these anywhere before-
Thank you in advance to mlle.

And this is just fucked.
Thanks for pointing it out, ..

Also, tonight I was listening to Jay and Olivia *
(otherwise known as A Particularly Vicious Rumor)
re-work a song written by Ratty Scurvics (),
who is still M.I.A. – if anyone knows his whereabouts, please inform-
I’m very worried about him.

Hopefully I succeeded in making it available to you.. here.
It’s a beautiful song about a shipwreck.
It’s one of my favorites, and describes very well
where we are at right now..

* These guys are my dear friends, fellow refugees and rescuers,
who will be touring around the country now
that they have nowhere to go home to.
All of their musical equipment was left behind so that they
could fill their van instead with people who needed to evacuate.
Sweet Walter of Crooks and Nannies is also touring with them-
They are all incredible musicians, and amazing people.
Please, please go see them play- you will not regret it,
and you will dance and be happy and be doing a good deed.
Tour dates are linked above. Thank you.

When it rains five days and the skies turn dark as night
Then trouble’s takin’ place in the lowlands at night
I woke up this mornin’, can’t even get out of my door
There’s been enough trouble to make
a poor girl wonder where she want to go
Then they rowed a little boat about five miles ‘cross the pond
I packed all my clothes, throwed them in and they rowed me along
When it thunders and lightnin’ and when the wind begins to blow
There’s thousands of people ain’t got no place to go
Then I went and stood upon some high old lonesome hill
Then looked down on the house were I used to live
Backwater blues done call me to pack my things and go
Backwater blues done call me to pack my things and go
‘Cause my house fell down and I can’t live there no more
Mmm, I can’t move no more
There ain’t no place for a poor old girl to go

-Bessie Smith, Backwater Blues (Thank you mlle.)
*EDIT – For some reason, some of the links above
are out of order- so here you are once more:

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