by angeliska on May 9, 2005

I found this picture, randomly, of me sitting on the steps of
my beloved old crumbling abode. I wish I could remember who took it.
I don’t look particularly happy.

My mama, the lonesome cowgirl, at 15 or 16 years.
If she was alive today, I wonder.. So many things.
She doesn’t look particularly happy, either.

This is what my life has felt like lately,
Perhaps now the storm has passed (knock-knock)
and I will wake up in Oz, surrounded by poppies and emeralds.

A to-do list I also found, randomly.
Seems like good advice to me.

I am finding dead finches and wrens in the road and potting them in salt.
I am planting also basil, nasturtiums, apple-mint and rue.
I am learning Russian.
I am taking care of business.
I am heaving many heavy sighs.

And I am dreaming of going here,
with my grandfather in August,
to listen to this and dance and laugh and cry
until I fall down..

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