by angeliska on January 2, 2005

The turning of the year in this dirty old town
was rung in with much dancing and frivolity,
to be sure- amid a rain of gunshots and fireworks
popping and falling though a haze of dense fog..
The cathedral rose up through it
floating like a great gray ghost,
spires invisible in the mist.
I followed the trail of dying moths
down Royal to a scene of utter chaos-
none of which I am prepared to detail
at this particular moment..
In lieu of that, let’s just pretend for now
that the following photographs are
faithfully recorded from that evening
instead- in truth, this is what a dinner
party at my house looks like-
in true Eastern European/What the fuck-style..

   Hallo! Jagshemash! Why you laugh?

   I make only premium borscht!

   Really, I am promising you it is best you will ever taste!

  Everyone agrees that it is superior..


I H8 YUR NIGHTLIFE and the last sodden piroshki.

We discovered later that this charming piece
of edible artwork was not, in fact, baloney (or bologna, either)
but in fact- a unused piroshki skin leftover
and stained with beet juice, and then lovingly inscribed.
I’m still not sure who is responsible,
but it makes me very happy in my

Piotr Nu + Miz

Shortly after this, I think, I found myself unable to
continue singing in Russian, or to properly perform
my duties as hostess- because of all the many bottles
of premium vodka consumed I found myself stranded
on the desolate beaches of Yalta!
But that didn’t matter much, as due to the excessive
number of guests raucously dancing and stomping
and general making crazy we got shut down early
by bad-tempered neighbours. To them I say:
(or, “don’t rush into hell ahead of your daddy”)

Oh, and Daisy and Violet Hilton showed up, in doll-form of course. 

This is what I looked like the next morning. All in all it was very good party.

And so for many reasons that I won’t go into now
this last year has been rather horrible-
(though I realize I am very lucky girl)
I am very glad to see it go-
but here’s a little light to wish you
all to stay strong through this next one, yes?

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