by angeliska on May 4, 2004

Blast, blast, blast and hellfire!
Damnation! Suffering succotash!
I just got a trembly-voiced phonecall
from down at ye olde kaffeehaus
saying that some assclown left the
door to my frog Gustav’s tank ajar-
upsetting his delicately monitored
balance of humidity and causing him
to escape. He was found belly-up
on the kitchen floor. Alive, still yet.
Hopefully he will make it.
I really can’t have another frog
die (no, not croak- no laughing!)on me.
Poor Gustav. I’ve got to go bring him
home now- no more life in the public
arena- full of dangerous imbeciles..
And I got wrangled into doing an
interview with these German journalists,
for heaven’s sake. Goddamnit.
I feel just wretched.
My amphibious pal!

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