Ye Mariners All

by angeliska on April 29, 2004

So, perhaps I’m beating a dead horse with all this
hub-bub about sailors and boats and such-
but here, finally are the pictures I promised then..

Here’s our drunken sailor, Sven (Yes! Sven, I shit you not!)
so ear-lie in the mornin’ being teased by the lovely mermaiden,
Missus June DiMorente and a wee pirate pocketmouse.

-Miss Pocketmouse Princess-
She stole his hat, and took a picture,
ear-lie in the mornin’..

The JUAN SEBASTIAN DE ELCANO. Such a beautiful boat

I want a boat. I want to go sailing. Right now, please. Okay?

For more of an elegiac and frabjous view
(with sea-shanties in all the appropriate places!)
of this exciting frisson of salt-air into
our land-lubberly lives please see
or  , whose links I shamelessly filched..

In other news, I narrowly escaped being
mugged last night as I was coming home..
Does it count as a mugging if you got away?
Is it then simply “an incident”?
Whichever it was, it was damn scary.
I  knew better than to be walking home
late at night with sacks of laundry and
dollmaking bits loading down my bicycle,
(which I was using as a wheelbarrow).
As I came upon my house,
a man wheeled up to me on a lowrider.
A sinking feeling.
His approach was silent, huge dark eyes
staring, and he never said a thing
so it felt like some horrible dream.
He reached for my satchel,
but I wouldn’t let him have it
and the dogs set up a ruckus
and I was hollerin’ something awful
so in the end I guess he figured
it wasn’t worth the trouble.
It’s been four, almost five years
in this dangerous old town
that’s the first time anything
like that has ever happened to me.
It’s mainly just sad.

Have you ever been mugged?

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