Eostre – little lambs eat ivy..

by angeliska on April 11, 2004

Spring has sprung, officially, in La Nouvelle Orleans-
hatched the cache, popped the latch, and flown the coop!
Apple blossom time has come and gone, my friends-
and the japanese magnolias and peach trees have
dropped their blooms and donned their lush green gowns..
I always get breathless around magnolia-time,
like you do when the first snow falls
and catches you unawares with its whiteness:

In the mornings here, when you stand on the balcony
with your teacup in hand, all you can smell is sweetness-
burnt sugar from the praline factory down the street,
and the sanctified aroma of hundreds of little fried pies
a’ cookin’ down at Hubig’s Pies a block over..
The calliope tootles out another tune,
(Tea for Two or Edelweiss or Mares Eat Oats)
and toddles on down the big brown river.

I hope the Easter Bunny comes to visit this year.
I like his candy, oh yes indeedy I do.

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