by angeliska on April 1, 2004

Ahoy, hoy, hoy me hearties-
from atop the billowing waves
of a choppy sea- the ocean of
chaotic primordial ooze that
has become my world.
But just like in those recurrent
dreams I have, of tidal waves.
Somehow I’m riding it, outrunning it,
scanning the horizon for the shore.

Here’s the first installment of pictures from DADA-
with more to follow as I cull them.

“The white bees are swarming..”

“Do they have a queen too?”

Saint Matilda of the Wolves




I’m sure I will feel like telling
some stories
about the Ball in due time-
like for instance, about the concussions
to the heads of spiders from hooligans,
or the plaster ceiling caving in directly
in front of me and missing by inches
every person gathered directly beneath it..
So many near disasters, and yet-
I fear it was a success.
My days as a cat-herder are done for a bit, I think!
This was the largest thing I’ve ever organized,
a veritable juggernaut, a behemoth-
and so much work and amazing creation went
into something that lasted for only one night-
about nine hours, to be exact.
Three floors and seventeen rooms of total mayhem.
Apparently, half the town is still recovering.

Needless to say,
we survived and sustained ourselves
through the preparations, occurence
and inevitable aftermath of what I
can only hope, was a truly unparalleled evening.

Now that every last bit of snowflake and confetti
and granite sand and grout-
Now that every particle of sparkle
and every stray treebranch
has been cleared from the building,
perhaps I can sigh, and say it’s over.
All I want to do is slink back into
my relative anonymity and keep my books company.
And now, I shall do just that.

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