by angeliska on September 16, 2003

This sense of vertigo has not passed,
is alarming, still swaying
and everything at a tilt
sea legs I have, land legs- however…
Even seated I feel the horizon careening..
what is happening here?
I am impossibly enamoured of this place,
how could I not be? There are few cities
more strange and beautiful than this..
And this food, well..
Let us just say..
Oh. Hell. Yes.
Last night I found an enticing place,
Le Bistrot Venise
serving what they described as
historically authentic Venetian cuisine..
My goodness, but it was the pinnacle of gastronomic perfection.
I had fennel soup with pine nuts and sliced grapes
surrounding a gloriously golden raw egg yolk and dusted with cinnamon..
And then..Homemade cocoa fettucine with lobster, pilgrim scallops and beetroot.
With a nice chianti (insert innappropriate tongue sounds here)
and the best goddamn cappuccino you could ever hope for..
As far as food goes on this trip, Italy is coming out the clear and obvious winner..
The Czech goulash with weird bread dumplings and frozen vegetables
left much to be desired, and as nice as a good wienerschnitzel is,
especially at the Hotel Sacher, birthplace of the eponynmous sacher torte,
which I tried along with some delectable heisse schokolade with sacher liquer
and loads of chantilly cream..mmm-hmm..
Today we wandered all over San Croce after the Costume Museum
searching for this one particular gelato place with bizarre flavours..
It was found readily, and I had Fennel and Fig ice cream
and nearly died right there on the cobblestones.
yam yam yam.
I likes me some good eatin.
The End.
ps. Also, I saw a giant skeleton key what shoots poison darts.
Very difficult to restrain myself from smashing glass with wheelchair and running away fast.

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