Summer School at Tanglewood Academy for Wayward Youth

by angeliska on June 17, 2003

Some recent additions to bolster your burgeoning vocabularies-
Your assignment, boys and girls- should you choose to accept it:
To compose for your headmistress, Miss Matilda Marchpane,
a little ditty to tickle her fancy..
Go to it! Edify and Amuse!
Or you shall have to go out into the thicket
and cut me a switch!
Urdicate – To flog with fresh stinging nettles
Whimling – A miserable or insignificant creature
Opsomania – A morbid longing for dainty foods
Xiphopagus – A twin monster united by a band extending down from the sternum.
Xyster – An instrument for scraping bones
Vespertilionize – To turn into a bat
Vespoid – Resembling a wasp
Vulpecated – To be robbed by a fox

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