felicitous eastertide greetings

by angeliska on April 20, 2003

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ah yes.
spring unfurls her dewy tendrils all around us,
as we frolic ’round the proverbial maypole once more..
i’ve always liked easter for some elusive reason- perhaps, the excellent candy?
the fecund symbolism of bunny and egg?
hiding and hunting.
i always find a way to celebrate it, however obscurely..
in past years, this has involved pink rabbit-fur bikinis
and the odd impromptu slapstick egg-and-watermelon battle
as so lovingly documented by the dame in meatcake #10..
(a true story)
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remembering this, i regret to not having had the time
to plan an easter egg hunt/garden party soiree in the tangled courtyard again this year,
but, contrary to popular rumour that
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(this would explain the glum face)
festivities will indeed be embarked upon in perhaps a more haphazard fashion this year-
in keeping with the relatively inauspicious convergences of hitler’s birthday
and the anniversary of the columbine shootings, angels of light will be at el matador
tomorrow night- don your bonnet and meet me there, why don’t you?
so, ja.
it’s five o’ clock in the morning,
and there are things moving around in my house.
and also other things that are biting my flesh.
i’m not certain that in my highly mateinated
though still slightly disjointed and sleep-deprived state
that i am capable of handling this rather unruly combination,
and with that, i do retire.

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