by angeliska on January 3, 2003

i return, dusty, tattered, worn and weary
but sleep seems far-off, a distant possibility..
images float in a brightly coloured stream-
my brother stands there in the sun
cracking bullwhip in his hand
echoing off the brittle trees
flaming stars in the black firmament
fathoms of infinite space
fretted with diamonds
wishing hard on a golden trail
streaking where i searched
against the unblinking blue..
the new year spent in the country with a host of treasured creatures
red craters of stone pucker the martian landscape
stuck through with thorns and cactus spines
stained garnet with the blood of dangerous fruit
some important points for the new year:
1. i resolve to eat no baby goat flesh this year, or any other- ever, ever again.
i realized in the first bite what i horrible mistake i had made, and warn you all against ever attempting to eat one of these adorable, but extremely foul-tasting animals.
2. i resolve to seek further instruction in the art of driving, having tried it yesterday for the first time, and finding it relatively agreeable. it may come in handy at some point in the future.
3. i resolve to never again let irresponsible goblins cat-sit for me, seeing as how they missed one of the finer points of cat-sitting- being the all important cleaning of the rancid litterbox. i came home after a nine hour road trip late this evening to a house that reeked of cat feces and garbage..
now the wee hours are spent filling the house with billows of sage and frankincense and filling our gullets with hot tea, and our brainpans with psychic suspense as to what this new turning may bring..
i am home.
soon the deluge of company descends.
i have rather too much to do.
perhaps i ought to start with sleep?

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