Know Always that Ludwig II Loves You.

by angeliska on December 14, 2002

i think i am slowly recovering my sense of sanity..
barricaded myself in the bathroom for an extended period
and hid underwater in the clawfoot bath.
to be alone, in silence..
i feel like i’ve been in a horrible car crash.
it’s inexplicable.
something’s shaken loose..
i haven’t left the house in an awfully long time,
and honestly, it’s lovely.
perhaps tomorrow.
but my day was made brighter with an unexpected present
from faraway miss sainte-francis
a package filled with rotting silken bits from the 20’s
and seaweed and tea and blue pointelle hankies
and ninja serviettes and aromatic resins and myrrh
and paperdolls (one dress and hat for me, and one for violet)
the text is as follows:
“Dear Angel,
This is because you are sick and lost your job but also because you are wicked and fiendish as Mab. No really. I know what you need right now probably isn’t seaweed and tea and decaying 20’s silk- but lots and lots of money!!! But I hope this helps because you are still my Cousine and I think about you alot and I love you and Ludwig II loves you. Know Always that Ludwig II Loves You.
title or description
title or description
this made me inordinately happy..I think Ludwig II is the man for me- (and Dame Darcy)
even if he had bad teeth, and died young- a true patron of the arts and number one rockstar..He could take me to the linderof grotto of venus with the cockle-boat! and grant all of our wishes! *sigh* also miss violetta made us panaceacakes..

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