by angeliska on December 11, 2002

today was the most hideous, horrible, awful, lamentable,
and generally poop-tastic day i’ve had in a looooong time.
last night i went to bed with a splitting headache.
i woke with a splitting headache.
my cat was sitting on my head,
trying to drink water from my favorite glass on the nightstand.
3 times he was removed from the pillow and given water of his own.
did this stop him? of course not, insistent bratty beast that he is.
i was woken finally by the sound of my favorite glass shattering on the floor.
this glass was the last in a trilogy of three,
“choose your poison” was written around the rim,
and each one bore the name of a different deadly poison-
strychnine, cyanide and hemlock.
the first two were destroyed by clumsy guests,
much to my chagrin..
i guarded the hemlock very carefully..until today..
kitty was very determined to dash this thing to bits.
not a pleasant way to awaken.
my throat hurt badly, head pounding exceedingly, bones and muscles aching..
i hate it when special things get broken.
and then i had to go to work,
in the gray, grismal, bitter cold.
and when i got there,
i got fired.
right before xmas, the bastards.
after i’ve worked there a year, worked diligently.
it really upset me very much.
i’m a capricorn- i take these things very seriously..
too seriously, likely..
but, for pete’s sakes- how cold-hearted can you be?
i was fired for:
speaking my mind
having an opinion
doing what i was told to do
sitting on the counter
going to europe (after i was given permission to, months in advance)
asking off for the winter holidays so i could go home and see my family.
this is what they told me.
oh, and for not going back on my knees after a disagreement with the manager
on my day off to beg forgiveness for speaking my mind.
what utter shite.
so now i’m in the poorhouse, what lovely timing.
flew into a rage, (a very scary thing to see, indeed)
told them exactly what i thought of them..
raced back home on my trusty steed in tears.
head still vibrating in agony.
now i go back to bed.
i want this day to end now.

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