The Passion of New Eve

by angeliska on December 9, 2002

mmm..finally, a drop of peace and sweetness…the last two days have been lovely and lazy- sleeping in late til the sun is nearly gone..mariage freres eros tea from gay paris and stroopwaffels from amsterdam..dearest of friends curled up all cozy and conversating..macaroni and cheese now in the warm house and smelling of vanilla musk and ruh gulab rose, listening to cocteau twins..perfect gray day..
to be able to stretch out all my tendrils- forget about my perilous employment, my daily aggravations and last dada is dead! i am both happy and sad about this..the last show was good, inordinate amounts of fun and frivolity were experienced by all, i believe..
and, i was given the most wonderful parting gift: my very own pet vagina! her name is eve, and she is a pelvic teaching model (not a sex toy, you dirty pervert!) *also* some interesting things about my pet vagina- it’s all anantomically correct, with a bladder and uterus and detachable fallopian tubes, except she has only one ovary (?) and her anus looks like a coinslot. (i found a penny in there, next to the polyp. honestly.) i don’t know why they didn’t bother to make it more realistic. i guess getting the rosebud sphincter action in a silicone model is too complex. weirder still, she has no clitoris to speak of. that wasn’t very nice of her designers. perhaps she’s originally from west africa, postulated dear ..
people’s reactions to the vagina were very interesting indeed- especially when i entreated them to touch it. most people were quite brutal, grossed out, or would sort of gingerly pat it..only a handful were gentle and respectful, or would put their fingers in it without being coerced. people really do seem to have very negative reactions to vaginas. or maybe it’s just the plastic ones? anyhow, i’m very excited to have one. (both plastic and otherwise) it makes a fabulous conversation piece.
here is one of the first photos from the evening, from mister d. eric bookhardt..too bad you can’t see miss violet’s leprosy or stigmata in the picture. her arm was all leprous. it was very yucky- all cracked and made out of flour and toilet paper. she got 2 people to eat it, and one to lick it. then she picked it all off and put it on people. it was her first communion (if you can’t already tell) and i am thee ghost of dada teeth and tongue were all dark blue from eating souls all night. the white took ages to get out of my poor abused hair felt like..something really, really bad..i was worried it would never return to normal..but it was nice to be all ghosty and hideous for a night..never again..
st. violet and myself at thee final dada

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