by angeliska on November 16, 2002

lucky lucy liver lily
sometimes scary, sometimes silly
lazy lucy lily liver
had a smile to make you shiver..
listless limericks for a lacklustre languishing lingering lady..
la la la, tra la la.
something’s seized up tight in my heart tonight with the cold rain and cat’s crying,
something coiled against the breastbone, trembling, waiting and unsure..
senseless to try and describe what flows through these catacombs on a night like tonight.
my thoughts turn rough corners, ramble through unlit corridors to unknown destinations-
alighting for a moment, and then rushing on towards nothing but
the intolerable waves of sound? forensic pathology? the bee-keeping monks?
the deathwatch beetle, the fundamentals of mycology, a dressmaker’s forsaken dummy..
ghosts left remnants in my heart that i can’t speak of.
torn and tattered the remains of lost summers,
the enchantments, snares and bindings
faded now, but impossible to slough off.
i keep myself up with all of this.
a rapacious nature goes unsated-
not by tiramisu or baby octopi, not by tobacco or gin-
not by these old phantoms, not by this mess we’re in..
not by these tender stories re-read, then read again.
for you see-
(man delights not me,
nay, nor women neither..)
i could keep you up as well by going on about those lost faces, about perfect voids, and the pressure in my head. i could go on at length about the stupefying boredom i have experienced merely trying to get through the day and do my little job, the redundancy and utter ridiculousness of it making me want to drive forks into my eye-sockets or go on a few frivolous little killing sprees..but i’ve decided that i won’t.
because although my nerves are wound up tight like spools of copper wire, and all the springs in my fine mechanical innerworking might pop loose and screw up the gears any minute-
i’ve got to turn the light off and go to bed
and get up and do it all over again..

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