by angeliska on October 15, 2002

an open letter to the pesky, pusillanimous peon
who insists on posting their perversely insipid inanities on my journal..
cease and desist, cowardly cur, or you shall be dealt with accordingly..
do you have something to say to me? then show your face, you steaming pile of rodent offal!
you have a name, why don’t you use it? are you too afraid to let me know who you are while you lurk around my journal, attempting to insult me with your pathetic sexual innuendoes?
come on now, really..if you want to insult me, or hurt my feelings, here’s a little tip- please use more creative and intelligent language- you really won’t get anywhere using that third grade track you seem to be stuck on, cute as it may be..
are your days really spent just wandering the annals of livejournal, looking for random people to dump your self-hatred on? i pity you.
if you have some sort of beef with me, please come out into the open with it.
if you continue to sully my journal with your filth, i will have you put out of my misery.
(and a note to everyone else: the offending comment and all successive comments have been erased. it’s all just too foul and pointless to leave up in a place i reserve for myself..
has anyone else had similar problems with such ugliness? how did you combat it? i suppose i will have to disallow all anonymous posting from this point forward..i really would rather not make this journal friends only, but if needs be, i will.

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