by angeliska on October 10, 2002

1. [Spell your name backwards]: Legna Sylrie Doowelgnat (hahhah! i like it!)
2. [Where do you live?]: New Orleans
3. [Describe yourself in 4 words]: peculiar, inquisitive, perspicacious, loquacious
4. [Who is your worst enemy?]: stupid old white men in suits who want to control the world.
5. [If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?]: an african pygmy goat
6. [What is the latest you’ve ever stayed up]: oh lord. i lost track after the first 3 or four days..it was an awfully long time- drugs will make you do funny things, like stop needing superfluous things like..sleep..
7. [Ever been to Belgium?]: yes, Bruges and Bruxelles
8. [What’s your favorite coin?]: shiny gold ducats! moroccan ones are pretty also..
9. [Wallet]: black and flowers old-fashioned tapestry coin purse, bought in Bruges, very old lady..My one from mexico with the murderous hamadryad on it finally broke, waah..
10. [Hairbrush]: terrible plastic goody affair. i realized the other day that i’ve had it since i was at least five…how odd.
11. [Toothbrush]: one of those fancy radius things, it’s blue and pilfered, because who wants to spend nine dollars on a toothbrush, for land’s sakes?
12. [Jewelry worn daily]: smoky quartz silver ring (also bought in bruges), masonic eastern star ring, onxy ring given to me by violet, other sentimental old silver rings, amethyst-iolite ear-bobs, 2 pair silver and hematite earrings above those.
13. [Pillow cover]: lavender and filthy
14. [Blanket]: burgundy silk chinese embroidered and fringed comforter from the 40’s..very boudoir- or saigon whorehouse..
15. [Coffee cup]: it is my tea-cup. i have lots. my favorite has fighting bunnies on it.
16. [Sunglasses]: tortoise-shell incognito starlet
17. [Underwear]: none at the moment, but usually bloomers.
18. [Shoes]: none at the moment, but usually miu miu distressed leather victorian boots, or some other boots. or my slippers with albino peacocks that i’m supposed to wear at home so my feet don’t get all dirty with splinters in them!
WHAT/WHO (is/are)
29. [In my mouth]: veggie booty!
30. [In my head]: insomnia, worrying about this and that..stuff and nonsense. remnants of disturbing dreams.
31. [Wishing]: for more hours in the day, more days in the week, more weeks in a months, more months in a year..
32. [After this]: trying to go back to sleep..
33. [Talking to]: my lover, my cat, my doll, people in my dreams..
34. [Eating:]: veggie booty
35. [Do you like candles]: indeed i do.
36. [Do you like hot wax]: it does make a awful mess.
37. [Do you like incense]: but of course.
38. [Do you like the taste of blood]: it really depends on whose.
39. [Fetishes]: intelligence, corsets, gorgeous paper, inks and writing instruments..
40. [If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason?]: just one?
hmm, that’s tricky..since i only get one, it couldn’t be bush, because then we’d be stuck with mister cheney *shudder*..how about, the next person that knocks my bike over and doesn’t bother to pick it up..grrr..
41. [Person you wish you could be with right now]: Violet!
42. [What/Who is next to you]: a very old little boy mannequin dressed up to look like a roman catholic altarboy. he has a crown of thorns, and a banner that reads, “noli me tangere”
(“don’t touch me”, in latin)
43. [What do you want done with your body when you die]: mummifed, shellacked, given to my friends, propped in a corner in a rocking chair, eaten by wolves- any of those would be fine..NOT embalmed, stuck in a lead coffin to putrefy, or roasted like a hen!
44. [Do you believe in love]: indeed i do.
45. [Do you believe in soul mates]: to a degree..
46. [Do you believe in love at first sight]: i think so..
47. [Do you believe in Heaven]: i’d like to..
48. [Do you believe in forgiveness]: yes
49. [Do you believe in God]: i believe in lots of things..
50. [What’s something that you wish people would understand]: that i’m not dressed this way because in a play or going to a costume party, i really do look like this all the time..
51. [What’s something you wish you could understand better]: Dutch, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Gaelic, Sanskrit, Mandarin Chinese, Greek and Latin.

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