hurricane lili

by angeliska on October 3, 2002

oh my, oh my..
here we are again, cooped up in the castle
at the mercy of the elements..
once more the voodoo mamas and devoted catholics
have protected la nouvelle orleans
from the havoc of a giant hurricane..
hooray! disaster averted!
at this moment a category 4 hurricane
is ripping her way across southern lousiana.
her name is lili, and she ain’t playing around..
safe within the strong stone walls of our 200-odd year old mansion
the winds pound and howl outside the door
begging to be let in, to carry all your dolls and treasures away
but it won’t get us!
we had to cancel cabaret revoltaire tonight, and with good reason..
next month’s show will be better for it, though- i do believe..
candles for oya yansa burn beneath the window
saint barbara with her sword and castle
i’ll give her nine pennies and flowers for sparing our town..
hurricane season in the south’s a funny thing..
tempestuous and unpredictable..
do you want to see what she looks like?

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