by angeliska on September 18, 2002

i feel like warmed over death today..
feverish, pouding head, excess of mucus..
kill me.
treated myself to:
(from the healthy foods store)
many packets of spicy thai noodles
lime and chili chips
fancy gingersnaps
strawberry-kiwi ginger juice
cherry zinc lozenges (ooh!)
(from rainbow- the hoochie mama store)
one pale blue long sleeved ruffly-mediaeval soft cotton-y top -$3.00
pale blue lacey undy-shorts, and another pair black..(yay, underwear! i’ve been at a deficit, since a certain mantidian vanished from these parts! naughty!)
(from thee librarie)
gut symmetries – jeanette winterson
the house with blind glass windows – herbjorg wassmo
echo – francesca lia block
sirens and other daemon lovers – short stories by storm constantine, tanith lee, jane yolen, neil gaiman- etc..
so, yay..i sat and read and ate yummy spicy things and blew my nose..we also watched tape and divine trash, a documentary about john waters (who was so incredibly adorable when he was a lad! my!) very very’s nice to be sweet to yourself when you feel awful..espcially when the first part of one’s day entails riding one’s bicylce all over town in the blazing light of thee death orb, being ingratiating with bored hotel staff..ugh.
i deserve treats, dammit!
and with that, i’m off to plant my sad runny little nose firmly in a book.

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