by angeliska on September 15, 2002

wake, wake again from strange dreams..
of prostitution;
i’m organizing pens in a tray-
the pens symbolize my past customers,
and i’m organizing them according to their sexual prowess..
down a dark hallway- many blank doors
behind each one a woman is fulfilling her destiny
as a temple whore- reduced to this?
but still the work is done..
rose tells me a story- of her cat
interrupting a session and
reminding them of the mysteries involved..
bastet priestess she is..
so then we’re walking in fun valley-
the grass is dry and yellow and full of grasshoppers-
we follow the trails back to the ranch
the road is full of dirty brown water
flowing, full of strange movements
my sister k is thinking of the cottage
where her sister was born- she wants to go back there
more than anything- her most treasured place..
i have very fancy dress and i am being rushed
to get ready and go- i spray mandarin-ginger perfume all around
i have made these friends- but now they must go..
a french boy in black and white stripes
tells me he loves me and au revoir
tells me i taught him how to be a child again
violent and raisin are acting out lair of the white worm
covered in mud and blood- one of v’s long fangs falls of when she bites ruen
it is very silly and we are all laughing and dancing til they close the place down..
i’m still not really awake, but i have to try and get the remnants of my dreams down here before they fade, and itch at the back of my mind all day..any amateur psychoanalyats are welcome to interpret…

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