in the many mouths ov madness..

by angeliska on August 14, 2002

in my dreams last night, i pinned my face to the wall.
well, to be more exact, i stuck a weird ectoplasmic cut-out of my face, a child’s face in the center of my attic window. it comforted me to know it was there. it was beautiful and innocent and knowing, and it glowed in the dark. i could go a peek at it in the night, and it would glow with a ghostly phosphorescent glimmer. maybe i hoped it would talking to me..than i was stealing purple markers from work. searching for the bored and rich to finance my business. being creeped out by normal couples, flirting. strange dreams..i wonder if they had anything to do with my terror last night as the giant monster roach did flying laps around my bed. giant cockroaches do not belong on glorious chandeliers. it is wrong. it should be outlawed. so sayeth i. also, my gnawing hunger kept me awake for awhile, but the thought of braving the kitchen proved to much for those who think all this cockroach talk is indicative of the state of my housely cleanliness, i must inform you that these are no ordinary cockroaches. they are mutant alien cockroaches from hell, otherwise known as palmetto bugs, familiar to all those who live in the south. they are generally about 3 inches long, and they fly. they come from the trees outside my balcony. they come in purely driven to torment me.

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